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Unreal Engine Immersive Technologies Skillnet

Trainer: Escape Studios UK

Courses: See Below

Dates: TBD

Duration: Each Course runs for 6 Hrs

Venue: Online

Cost: €160 Per Course (TBC, normally €230)

Course Profiles:

Training will be delivered by Escape Studios tutors, using approved content and materials from Unreal Engine. Places are limited (12 per class, to deliver high quality training) and are allocated on a first come, first served basis for those who meet our entry criteria.

Below is a description of each class and a link to the tutor.

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Fundamentals of Unreal Engine – 6 hours
‘A comprehensive tour of Unreal Engine from the very start.’ This will get you set up and comfortable to start your UE project as well as the different interfaces of the most commonly used tools.

Tutor: Christian Avigni

Realtime Rendering for Animation – 6 hours
In this course, you will learn the basics for working with Unreal Engine’s cinematic creation tool, Sequencer and how to produce an animated short.

Tutor: Michael Davies

Introduction to Materials – 6 hours
The first session will be introducing the short course, viewing project files and an explanation of the content that will be covered. The 2nd session will look to finish off the scene with animated materials and a little interaction, looking at some of the more advanced nodes to create our VFX materials.

Tutor: Juriaan Van Linschoten

Introduction to Lighting – 6 hours
This course will introduce the fundamentals of lighting effectively in Unreal. We will focus on learning how to manipulate and shape your lighting to achieve a desired look or mood. Then we will introduce more advanced tools, using a large scene with raytracing enabled to create a realistic/ cinematic environment.

Tutor: Philip Meredith

Introduction to Blueprints – 6 hours
In this class, you will learn the basics of the Blueprint viewport and the functionality of Blueprints. In the second part of the day you will have a more hands on approach to get comfortable with the software.

Tutor: Jordan Wills

Introduction to Niagara – 6 hours
In this class, you will learn the basics of the Niagara interface and file hierarchy as well as creating your first Sprite based particles. You will learn how to push your effect with Mesh and GPU particles, as well as Particle Lights. Finally, we will touch on Sequencer to see how we can further animate our Particles.

Tutor: TBD

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Please note that places are limited and are open to Irish registered SMEs or self-employed/sole traders only.


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