Minding Creative Minds

Wired Differently

Neuroscience has proven that creative minds are wired differently and there are some traits that are commonly found in those who have a creative flair like; heightened observation, ability to create an incubation space for ideas (daydream), don’t fit into the 9-5 regime, great at starting projects but difficulty finishing, need ‘me time’ or solitude to replenish and quietly reflect, have a tough time believing in themselves and often suffer from imposter syndrome.

Do any of these traits sound familiar?

Minding Creative Minds Picture of guy daydreaming

The creative industry in Ireland is quite a unique one in that it is a close-knit community that arguably faces more challenges than other industries in the country, particularly for those creatives involved in live entertainment, both during and post the pandemic.

However, it could be said that the creative industry output adds the most value to Irish people’s wellbeing.

But what about the creator’s wellbeing?  What about all of the people behind every release and every performance?

Minding Creative Minds talked to people throughout the creative industry to hear about the challenges they faced, both personally and professionally, and how they came through to the other side.

“I’ve always been someone who’s dealt with anxiety, depression and emotional waves – I feel things very intensely and I’ve always had this narrative of, “I’m just someone who feels a lot”
Maria Kelly, Musician

“You’re in the position where this should be at the “I’ve arrived” moment or “you’ve levelled up” but I think within four or five months I was pretty miserable”.
Fiachra McCarthy, Graphic Designer

“I was living in this bubble of just being with my friends and making stuff, to straight into the real world and that can really affect you mentally”.
Aaron Fahy, Visual Designer

You may end up feeling the stresses of not being valued in society because society does value money and it values attainment and achievement and that’s a measuring stick that’s held up to a lot of people. If you can insulate yourself from that, then great but a lot of people can’t necessarily which has a profound effect on their sense of self-worth”.
Tadgh O’Sullivan, Filmmaker

Help and Advice is Available

If you are in the Creative Industries and are having difficulty coping with the day to day or you need practical advice or legal assistance, contact Minding Creative Minds.

Minding Creative Minds offers 24/7 Access to an experienced team of trained counsellors and psychotherapists who can offer short-term intervention and advice covering practical, day-to-day issues that cause anxiety and stress.

The Minding Creative Minds programme includes access to a number of additional services to help users overcome various practical issues they may face:

  • Legal Assistance – Consultation with Irish solicitors, including those specialised in family law matters and property conveyancing.
  • Financial Assistance & Consumer Assistance – Consultation with qualified financial advisors who can offer advice on household budgeting, borrowing/debt management, retirement planning, saving & investments.
  • Career Guidance & Life Coaching – Access a panel of career coach specialists for career guidance.
  • Support for non-Irish nationals & their families – helping to make the transition into the Irish system as smooth as possible.
  • Mediation Services – Help with disputes in the workplace, or issues related to family business, defective goods & services, building & construction.