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Management Development

Enhancing management capacity, particularly in SMEs, is key priority for all Skillnet Ireland networks. In addition to the programmes our network delivers, Skillnet Ireland has a suite of Management Development Programmes available to help business owners and managers improve business performance and enable businesses achieve better results. Click here for more information on the Skillnet Ireland website.

Subsidised Training Courses

We run regular (short and long) subsidised training courses for member companies and freelancers working in the sector.* These courses are and will continue to be bespoke, specialist courses designed and delivered by industry professionals to address the needs identified by industry.

In-house Training Solutions

We offer subsidised (up to 30%) in-house training solutions to companies (for current staff or new recruits). The definition of training that qualifies for the subsidy can be broad and can include on-the-job training, placements, networking etc.

Subsidised Rates for International Events

We offer subsidised rates to high level personnel in studios to attend key international events (conferences/markets etc.) such as the Kidsceen Summit, the Children’s Media ConferenceFMX Siggraph and GDC.

Networking Events

We fund, organise and/or support key conferences/networking events for the sector, including the VFX and Animation SummitDigital BiscuitAnimation Dingle, the Animation Art ShowPegbar and Women In Animation Ireland to name a few.

The Bridge Programme

We are responsible for the Bridge Programme in partnership with Dublin Business Innovation Centre, Screen Training Ireland and the Irish Film Board. The Bridge is an intensive 8 week programme aimed at producing “Industry Ready Specialists” for the animation, games and vfx sectors in Ireland.

Screen Training Ireland

In collaboration with Screen Training Ireland we run the 12 month Animation and VFX Traineeship Programme for the animation and VFX sectors in Ireland.