A Virtual Production Field Guide

You saw the Mandalorian and are now thinking of filming in-studio using virtual production tools instead of on location?

Immersive Technologies Skillnet Unreal Engine Virtual Production Field guide

Before you go any further – your first port of call if you are considering real-time or virtual production is research!

Find out if it is suitable for your production and if it will actually save you money.

Covering topics ranging from remote collaboration, virtual production equipment, in-camera VFX, pre-visualisation and animation, to case studies with Directors, Producers, stunt co-ordinators and editors – these Unreal Engine field guides are a must read for anyone embarking on a virtual production journey.

Unreal Engine Virtual Production Field Guide Volume 1
Unreal Engine Virtual Production Field Guide Volume 2

If you want to find out more information about Epic Games, Unreal Engine and Virtual Production visit them here.

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