Resilience and Adaptability

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Trainer: Adaptas

Course: Build Resilience & Adaptability

Date: TBC

Duration: 4 x Workshops, Each 75 mins

Venue: Online – Expression of Interest Form

Cost: €115 p.p (Max 16)

Course Profile:

Immersive Technologies Skillnet Hands Holding CirclesWe now well and truly live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world (VUCA). Because of this VUCA world we live in, we can’t afford to fall into old ways of being. We have all had to adjust during Covid-19, but our brain and body will do its best to make us fall back into old ways of doing things. This includes how we relate to colleagues and customers, how we manage our stress, and how we respond to family and friends.

Learning Outcomes:

In this VUCA world, the ability to continue to be successful in a healthy manner depends on the following items. When we work on all of these, we remain resilient and can adapt to whatever comes our way.

  • Understand how our emotions and values impact our decisions
  • Keep curiosity to the fore to deal with obstacles (ourselves and others)
  • Learn how to create a reflective practice for managing our mind, learning from mistakes and maintaining a growth mindset
  • Know how to ask for feedback to understand our own blind spots
  • Create a personal vision
  • Build evidence-based healthy daily habits and develop self-compassion

This four-part workshop series will provide participants with an exploration of evidence-based techniques to develop resilience. We will work through a process that moves participants from ‘thinking about’ to ‘taking action’ whether the adaptation required is one’s own choice or is externally imposed.

This is a series of workshops which build on each other. The trainer delivers information on useful concepts, tools and techniques while inviting learners to discuss and apply the tools to their personal and professional roles. The period of time in between each of the four workshops enables the learner to apply the takeaways from each workshop and revert the following week with progress, successes and any challenges.

Course Content:

Workshop 1: Duration: 75 minutes

  • Understanding VUCA
    • Discover VUCA and why it matters now for resilience and adaptability?
    • Understand how each element of VUCA specifically impacts our personal and professional lives
    • Explore what we can we be more aware of and what actions we can take right now in our roles (Personal & Professional), our teams and our organisations to adapt and thrive in this VUCA world

Workshop 2: Duration: 75 minutes

  • Developing a Reflective and Curious Stance
    • Understand the impact of the older parts of the brain on resilience
    • Learn simple reflective practices to both calm the mind and learn quicker from experience
    • Explore curiosity for managing the mind and other people

Workshop 3: Duration: 75 minutes

  • Clarity of Personal Vision, Values and Daily habits
    • Follow a structure for creating a personal vision
    • Explore how your values impact on the day-to-day decisions you make
    • Understand evidence-based healthy daily habits for resilience, adaptability and self- compassion

Workshop 4: Duration: 75 minutes

  • The Power of Ongoing Feedback
    • Explore your main obstacles to feedback
    • Understand how to overcome these obstacles
    • Learn simple methods to receive insightful feedback from colleagues and other stakeholders to uncover blind spots

Between workshops, participants receive extra reading and home-play exercises to support the learning between virtual group sessions.

Group and buddy accountability is invited throughout.

Includes a copy of ‘Our Learning Brain’ and ‘Developing Learning Habits’ e-book for each participant. These books have been created to support the embedding of long- term change.

Participant Profile:

This programme is recommended for anybody who wants to build resilience and adaptability. The homeplay is tweaked for some sessions depending on what type of roles you have in life and the organisation (e.g. manager or team lead).

Expression of Interest:

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Immersive Technologies Skillnet Celine Mullins PhotoCeline has over 15 years’ experience as a Psychologist, Coach and Training Consultant working across Multinationals, SMEs, Governmental and Educational agencies. She founded Adaptas™ to put a spin on more traditional approaches to learning, which she believes often fall short of making real and lasting change happen.

Celine’s specialties include; leadership communication, re-thinking behaviours and beliefs that restrict change, performance and relationships, while improving team communication and collaboration.

Celine obtained her BA (Hons) in Psychology at University College Dublin and her Ph.D at Trinity College Dublin. She also has a Certificate in Training and Development, Diploma in Statistics, Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certificate in The Neuroscience of Change, and is currently studying Transpersonal Leadership Coaching and Leadership Dignity.

Celine teaches the Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Module of the MSc in Personal and Management Coaching, University College Cork (since 2015). She regularly facilitates learning amongst various coaching communities, as well as speaking at a range of conferences, webinars and podcasts.


“The impact on both my professional and personal life has been phenomenal, working with Celine. I would have no hesitation in recommending Celine to anybody who wants to develop themselves.”
Joseph Ryan, Senior Manager, Investment Management

Expression of Interest:

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IMPORTANT: Places are open to Irish based companies and sole traders only. Companies and sole traders outside the ROI do not qualify for the Immersive Technologies Skillnet subsidy.

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  • Resilience & Adaptability March/April Workshops
    28th February 2021 - 31st March 2021
    8:00 am - 10:00 pm