26.07.21 Summer Of Unreal Bootcamp

26.07.21 Summer of Unreal Bootcamp

Trainer: Escape Studios UK (in Partnership with Epic Games)

Dates: 26th July – 20th August (Mon – Fri)

Duration: Fulltime 9.30am – 3.30pm (classes am / projects pm )
Lunch: 12.30 – 1.30

Venue: Online

Cost: FREE – Application Process

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Welcome to the Summer of Unreal!

Build a new world with Unreal this Summer.
Do you work in animation or a related 3D CGI industry in Ireland, whether it’s  VFX, motion graphics, game development, immersive tech, film & tv, virtual production? Or perhaps content production for medical or marketing purposes? Or maybe you teach some of these subjects? If so, we welcome you to join a free course designed to give you animation superpowers in Unreal Engine!

The Summer of Unreal is a four-week pan-European Bootcamp created in collaboration with Epic Games,  where participants learn practical real-time skills from industry vets, higher education partners, and Escape Studios, the UK’s only Unreal Authorised Training Centre.

This is not only the most ambitious free programme to date; it’s the largest Unreal Engine training ever attempted!

The goal? To help over 1,000 people build their business or art practice and improve workflows with Unreal Engine’s animation tools and create a community of Unreal Engine users.

While you’re expected to have some knowledge of 3D software, you can be totally new to Unreal Engine. You’ll start with the basics and work your way up to the eye-catching stuff, like stylised cel-shaded/photorealistic objects and digital humans.

What is the Summer of Unreal?

This pan-European Unreal Engine training course will include:

  • 20 Days of training – most of it in the mornings
  • Daily expert tuition in all key aspects of Unreal (V4.26 and intro to V5)
  • Insights from European studios and the ability to work with other European artists
  • Learn what makes a project successful
  • Hear directly from Epic about new developments
  • Hear panels of experts discuss how Unreal is changing media production
  • Find out how you can make Unreal work for your workflow

Who is it for:

  • Animation professionals – ideally with 2 years’ experience in the industry and from a range of departments – layout, previz, lighting, rendering, production, editorial etc.
  • Professionals currently working in CGI, VFX or Game Dev., immersive tech, virtual production, film and TV content production, medical or marketing content production etc.
  • Tutors and educators – Higher Education and Further Education

    Preference will be given to participants who can commit to complete the course.

Escape Studios has been at the forefront of creative education in the UK since 2002, supplying the industry with studio-ready talent in digital arts and ranked 3rd in the UK and 9th in Europe in the Animation School Ranking and ranked 5th in the world by the Rookies.

Escape Studios is also a Rookies Certified School, a Houdini Certified School, and the only Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center in the UK.

Escape Studios partnered with Immersive Technologies Skillnet in 2020 to bring subsidised Unreal Engine workshops to the Irish market.

Make the Summer of Unreal your ‘Staycation’!

The curriculum is designed so most training will be in the morning and so you’ll have time to  experiment with what you’ve learned , balanced with your personal commitments. It is however full-time, and you’ll get out of this what you put in.

The following timetable is a sample. The full timetable will be published closer to the date.


Immersive Technologies SOU Schedule Week 2

Immersive Technologies SOU Schedule Week 3

What do you get out of it, apart from an amazing, once off experience and the advancement of your Unreal skills?

Escape will be awarding Summer of Unreal exclusive digital badges for each day of attendance to put on your social media, so we challenge you to collect them all!

Those completing a minimum of 80% of the course will also collect a Certificate of Completion from Escape Studios, endorsed by Epic Games.

This is a European-wide adventure, and Escape Studios & Epic Games have teamed up with some of the best animation partners in Europe, representing their country and region, and contributing some of their amazing expertise- they’ll also  bring yet more industry guests who can show you how to maximise the way you use Unreal.

  • France: ArtFX, ranked as one of the best VFX and 3D Animation schools worldwide, with centres in Montpellier, Lille and Paris. It has a network of over 610 alumni working on the biggest productions in some of the largest studios around the world.
  • Denmark: The Animation Workshop (VIA)
    Attracting creative minds from across the world, the Animation Workshop/VIA University College (TAW) is located in Viborg, Denmark and enjoys a strong reputation in providing great animation talent to the international film and digital screen industry.
  • Spain:  La Salle Campus Barcelona:
    A founding member of Ramon Llull University, La Salle is a university centre that offers  Undergraduate Degrees, Postgraduate and master’s Degrees, PhD programmes and Specialisation Courses in the fields of Digital Arts and Animation & VFX.
  • Balkans and Eastern Europe:  Crater Studios and Film Serbia leading on industry training initiatives.
  • Ireland: Screen Skills Ireland, the skills development unit responsible for industry-focused skills development initiatives encompassing film, TV, animation, games and VFX, for all roles from new entrants to company leaders and industry-led training design and subsidy agencies Immersive Technologies Skillnet, Animation Skillnet and Screen Skillnet.

All partners are contributing industry experts and fascinating case studies to make this a truly pan-European experience. If you would prefer to register via one of our partners, visit www.summerofunreal.com.

“4 weeks! That’s quite a commitment!”

Yes, but even as the COVID threat fades, people across Europe can’t freely travel on holidays, so we think it’s an amazing non-repeatable opportunity to learn new skills at a relaxed pace from your home office or studio.



Watch this FAQ webinar hosted by Escape Studios and Epic Games which should answer any questions not covered in the FAQ document.

You can join the Summer of Unreal for free through any of our European partners. However, please only apply to one!

Click on the ‘APPLY HERE’ link below to access the application for a virtual seat on the Summer of Unreal programme. We will send you a confirmation email shortly after and will be in touch in the coming weeks to let you know if your application has been successful, at which point you will be asked to register.

Applications are on a first come first served basis, provide you meet the application criteria.

Application Deadline: July 16th   – EXTENDED to Friday July 23rd


Note: Students are not eligible for this programme

For further information, please email manager@immersivetechnologiesskillnet.ie
Please restrict questions to information that is not contained either in the FAQs or above.

For any technical issues when applying on the website please contact admin@immersivetechnologiesskillnet.ie


  • 26.07.21 Summer of Unreal Bootcamp
    26th July 2021 - 20th August 2021
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm