25.01.21 Mindset & Habit Change

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Facilitator: Annika McGivern (Adaptas)

Course: Mindset, Habit Change and Time Management

Workshop #1 Monday, January 25th
Workshop #2 Monday, February 1st
Workshop #3 Monday, February 8th
Workshop #4 Monday, February 15th

Duration: 09.30-10:30pm (1 Hr)

Venue: Online

Cost: €125 p.p (Max 10)

Course Profile:

Effective time management is effective self-management. More than ever before, 2020  has demonstrated to all of us the importance of continuously developing our ability to  manage our minds, to find balance in time management, and to adapt in the face of a  rapidly changing world. 

This four-part workshop series will provide participants with a strong collection of tangible  skills to support their capacity to learn faster, grow through challenges, enhance self awareness, and manage their time, energy, and productivity successfully into 2021. This  is a workshop, not a webinar. The trainer delivers information on useful concepts, tools  and techniques while inviting learners to discuss and apply the tools to their current role  and objectives. The time in between two workshops enables the learner to apply and  revert with progress, successes and any challenges. 

Course Content:

Workshop # 1: Duration 1 hour 

  • Developing Habits and Routines to Support a Strong Start in 2021
    • Why habits? Habits and routines form the backbone of our daily behaviour, the way we manage our time, and our ability to move forward towards our goals with consistency.
    • The 7 Principles of Habit Change that support adults to take control of their
      learning and behaviour.
    • Understanding the keystone habits that support productivity, balance, mental health, mindset, and success.

Workshop # 2: Duration 1 hour

  • Review progress, successes and any challenges since Workshop 1
  • Value of Time
    • How Beliefs, Values and Goals Shape Our Use of Time.
    • Understanding the big picture of time management to maximise our daily effort.
    • Developing Self-Awareness: Why time management comes down to self management and how to develop awareness to support stronger  outcomes. 

Workshop # 3: Duration 1 hour

  • Review progress, successes and any challenges that have arisen since Workshop  2 
  • Growth and Resilience 
    • Manage your mindset through unexpected challenges 
    • Supporting yourself to maintain a growth mindset when the going gets tough.

Workshop # 4: Duration 1 hour

  • Review progress, successes and any challenges since Workshop 3
  • Enhance Productivity 
    • The daily skills that develop clarity and strengthen us against distraction.
    • Strengthening your productive mindset 
  • Putting it all Together 
    • Combining mindset, habit change, and time management skills into a  strategy for success in 2021. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • A clear understanding of the skills that support effective adult learning and habit  change and how to implement these skills to support all future learning  opportunities. 
  • An in-depth understanding of applying growth mindset to enhance self awareness and adaptability in the face of unexpected challenges. 
  • Exactly what steps to take to strength yourself against distraction and support  productivity. 
  • A clear understanding of how to build a personal, long-term strategy for  effective time management that combines personal values, goal setting, habits  and daily practices.

Participant Profile:

We generally find that these topics and skills are of value to all individuals; whether they  are sole traders, business owners, or managers of teams. 


Annika McGivern is a Performance, Sport and Exercise Psychologist. Her  passion for performance psychology was born from her own experience as  an athlete in the world of high-performance equestrian sport, where she subsequently  gained over ten years professional coaching experience. Her years  competing and coaching in high-stakes environments challenged her to  develop excellent communication skills and a passion for understanding the psychological factors that drive people towards, or away, from success.

Combining this  experience with a BA (Hons) of Psychology from the University of Victoria in British Columbia,  Canada, and a MSc of Sport and Exercise Psychology from Ulster University in Belfast, Annika now works in across the sport, fitness and business sectors in Ireland, Canada,  and the United Kingdom. Her approach focuses on developing the skills needed by individuals  and teams to excel under pressure in the areas that matter most, bringing insights about the tangible skills, we need to perform, lead, and communicate effectively from a sport context and  successfully applying them to a business context.

Annika is passionate about teaching  effective and empathetic communication, alongside learning and habit change skills, in all  her work, as she believes these two areas are essential to the successful implementation of  mental skills. Annika has been a guest lecturer in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching on the UCC  Masters in Personal and Management Coaching programme with Dr. Celine Mullins. She is a firm believer in promoting well-being through sport and business and has conducted research on  current mental health challenges in equestrian sport. 

About Adaptas:
With fifteen years of experience working across Multinationals, SMEs, Governmental and  Educational agencies, across a wide range of sectors in Ireland and internationally, Adaptas pivoted successfully during March 2020 to delivering learning and coaching in the virtual space. As well as delivering workshops, programmes, 1-2-1 coaching, and  creating training videos, in 2018 Adaptas started creating training tools with their clients  using Virtual reality. One of these tools, ‘Immersive Sales Star’ won the award for ‘Excellence in Digital Learning’ with FBD Insurance from the Irish Institute of Training &  Development Awards (IITD) March 2019. 


“One of the things that sets Adaptas apart from other providers is their ability to really get into the psyche of our organisation and our culture; this is reflected in Adaptas’ flair for customised design and facilitation and time and time again, our employees share positive feedback for the impact they experience working with Adaptas.”
Eve Bulman, Senior Manager, People Development (Global), Intercom

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  • 25.01.21 Mindset & Habit Change
    25th January 2021 - 15th February 2021
    9:30 am - 10:30 am