22.02.21 Introduction to Materials

Immersive Technologies Skillnet Materials

Trainer: Escape Studios UK

Course: Unreal Engine – Introduction to Materials

Date: Monday February 22nd and Wednesday February 24th

Duration: 7pm-10pm (3hrs) both days

Venue: Online

Cost: €160 (normally €230)

Course Profile:

In this course – the first session will be introducing the short course with a view of the project files and an explanation of the content that will be covered. The 2nd session will look to finish off the scene with animated materials and a little interaction. We’ll take a look at some of the more advanced nodes to create our VFX materials.

What’s covered…

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Unreal’s Material pipeline
  • First look at Unreal’s powerful material editor
    • Shortcuts
    • Navigation
  • Introduction to PBR texturing
    • Metal/Rough workflow
    • General rules
  • Creating a Master material with exposed parameters
    • Creating a tiling master material to begin texturing our scenes
  • Creating a Deffered decals material
    • Build a decals material to add unique details and interest to our environment
  • Creating translucent materials
    • Build a glass material for our screen
    • View shader costs

Day 2: 

  • Masking materials and blending together
    • Using Lerp nodes and masks
  • Creating animated materials
    • Creating animated materials with panners
    • Using emissive
  • Creating dynamic materials which players can interact with through blueprints
    • Quick view into blueprints and create a dynamic blueprint actor
    • Creating and using Material functions

Trainer Profile: Juriaan Van Linschoten

Immersive Technologies Skillnet Trainer PhotoJuriaan is a digital artist and also one of our associate tutors. He studied a Digital Arts degree at the University of Kent and then studied a Masters in Game Art with us in 2016. He then worked as a Studio Assistant for 10 months before joining us as an associate tutor for our game art courses.

He has worked on a VR project for Hobs 3D which has travelled around Europe to be displayed on Airshows. He also worked on a collaborative project developed alongside Patrick Morgan, Jonothan McFall, Simon Fenton, Phil Meredith and Pol Escale that was hosted in the Victoria and Albert museum in December 2018.

Participant Profile:

Beginner To Intermediate: It is advised that participants have some 3D experience but not necessary. A basic knowledge of Unreal Engine is also advisable to get the most from the class but not a pre-requisite.

This course is taught in English and you will need access to a computer to join the online classes.

You will need to have downloaded and installed Parsec on your computer and Zoom either on the same computer or on another device before the lesson begins.

You will need a microphone and speakers/headphones in order to participate in the Zoom virtual classroom, and a stable Internet connection to support both the Zoom meeting and the Parsec remote workstation connection.

We recommend using a separate mouse and European/UK Keyboard Layout.  A second monitor would be helpful but not necessary.


Please register through the link below by 12pm on Thursday February 18th 2020.

A payment request will follow once registration is successful.

Please note that places are limited and are open to Irish registered SMEs or self-employed/sole traders only.


For further information, please email manager@immersivetechnologiesskillnet.ie

For technical issue with applying on the website please contact admin@immersivetechnologiesskillnet.ie

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