2022 Immersive Technologies For Business

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2022 Intro To Immersive Technologies For Business – Helping To Define The Use Case For Immersive Technologies In Your Business Or Organisation – EXPRESSION OF INTEREST

– Alex Gibson, Assistant Head of School of Marketing and Founder of AR/VR Innovate Conference and Expo
– Dr Brian Vaughan Head of TU Dublin ViRaL Lab
– Guest Lecturers

Dates: Commences Spring 2022

Duration: 8 Weeks

Min # for class to run: 8.
Max #: 12

Duration: 100 hrs (Tutor Led Hours are between 9 and 5)
Total Teaching Contact Hours: 24
Self Directed Hours: 76

Qualification: 5 CPD Credits // NFQ Level 8

Venue: Hybrid / TU Dublin & Online

Cost to participant:  €350 (€500 les 30% IMTSkillnet Subsidy)

This module examines the practical applications of Immersive technologies to understand how best to use them in a real-world context. Students will examine case studies and practical examples of immersive technology applications to better understand how to leverage these powerful technologies across a number of business verticals. Students will understand the practical and theoretical aspects of Immersive Technology development, as they pertain to these areas. Students will understand how immersive technologies can be used to drive product development, prototype systems and services, and how immersive technologies can be used for training and management across a number of industries. Students will be introduced to design led innovation principles. A feature of the module will be guest lectures from a number of other key vertical markets such as medical, education and training.

Goal: Download Curriculum

On Completion of this module, the learner will be able to:

  1.  Demonstrate an understanding of the theory, concepts and methods pertaining to immersive technologies ( AR/VR/MR)
  2. Use and modify advanced stills and immersive technology development tools to conduct closely guided professional research in specific business vertical sectors.#
  3. Exercise appropriate judgement in proposing a business case for deployment of immersive technologies in business vertical sectors.
  4. Act effectively under guidance in a peer relationship to develop a proposed proof-of concept project for deployment of immersive technologies.
  5. Learn to act in variable and unfamiliar learning contexts with a fast evolving technology

Course Content:

The module will incorporate lectures and workshops examining a range of issues and aspects of AR and VR. It will involve industry guest lecturers and case studies to demonstrate contemporary commercial and industrial approaches and methodologies

AR and VR workshop ( 6 hours approx. – ) – this element will be delivered by School of Media in computer lab ( public health permitting ) or online

History and overview AR/VR:
● History of AR and VR
● Business environment of AR and VR ( market analysis, customer trends, technology developments)
● Exploring development of AR and VR systems and applications
● Systems and engines used in AR VR, workflow for AR/VR ( key tools Unity 3D, ARkit, ARCore, Sumerian etc)
● From factors in AR and VR ( wearables, mobile, mono and stereo industrial wearables)
● Understanding ROI for immersive technologies
● Specific Enterprise challenges of immersive technologies

Design Led Innovation Principles
Barriers to AR and VR adoption; safety, security and human factors
Understanding the human factors; UX/UI in immersive contexts, ergonomics
Business Model Appraisal

Business and industry applications of AR and VR
● Examining industry case studies of AR and VR
● AR and VR in education and training
● AR and VR in tourism
● AR and VR in marketing + advertising
● AR and VR in enterprise/industry/engineering
● AR and VR in retail and services

Learning & Teaching Methods: Students will have a combination of lectures, guest lectures, case-studies and workshops, working through practical, industry focused case-studies, demonstrating practical issues and solutions for a range of VR and AR applications.

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Brightspace will be employed to distribute all teaching materials and to support student interaction with other students and academic staff.

Delivery format: Given the rapid nature of change in this technology, and evolving range of possible business applications, it is proposed that this course can be delivered a number of flexible ways. While it can be delivered  in traditional weekly sessions ( 2 hours * 12 ) it will also lend itself to delivery in block format typically over three full-day sessions. Delivery method will be decided once students are selected.

  • NFQ Level 7 or Higher.
  • Participant wants to learn more about Immersive Technologies to apply to own business or organisation or
  • wants to switch careers or upskill. Minimal experience in a design/3d related field would be beneficial but is not a requirement.
    Note: There is the potential for a small number of current TU students (non Skillnet subsidised) to be in this class.

Photo Alex Gibson Lecturer at TU and Immersive Technologies Skillnet
Alex is the Assistant Head of the School of Marketing at Technology University (TU) Dublin where he is responsible for management of the Higher Certificate in Marketing and the MSc in International Business, and is the Academic Manager of the relationship with Pharos University Alexandria, Egypt.

Alex is also the Founder of AR/VR Innovate conference and Expo which was founded in 2013, is a fellow of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, and is an advisor to  Tech Ireland on Augmented and Virtual Reality.


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IMPORTANT: Places are open to Irish based company employees and sole traders only.
Employees and sole traders outside the ROI do not qualify for the Immersive Technologies Skillnet subsidised professional development course.

There is a 7 day cancellation policy in place. Fees cannot be refunded if places are cancelled inside of the 7 day period prior to the commencement date.

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  • Immersive Technologies For Business
    1st March 2022 - 31st May 2022
    9:30 am - 6:00 pm