15.11.21 VR Storytelling, Design and Creation tools

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VR Storytelling, Design and Creation Tools – An Introduction to Virtual Reality

Facilitators: Camille Donegan, Cordula Hansen and Ciara Del Grosso Bates

Dates:  Monday, November 15th, 22nd, 29th

Duration: 7pm – 9pm

Venue: Online

Cost to Immersive Technologies Skillnet Members: €90 (all 3 events included)

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Camille Donegan, Cordula Hansen and Ciara Del Grosso Bates have worked on several VR projects together, both passive and interactive, for clients from a variety of sectors. Their work covers a wide range of use cases from marketing to training. Their individual backgrounds and disciplines provide unique but aligned perspective on the design, making and storytelling of VR.

Course Content:

Workshop #1 – Introduction to VR Storytelling with Camille Donegan – VR Producer

Camille will introduce the unique characteristics of VR Storytelling which will include:

● 360 video v game engine stories/worlds
● Linear v Non linear storytelling
● Character driven v world driven storytelling
● How the film and theatre industries are embracing immersive storytelling
● Fundamental principles of design in VR to ensure user comfort
● Guiding viewers attention in a 360 experience

Session is 1.5 hrs with an additional 30 mins at the end for Q&A

Workshop #2 – Introduction to Design and Ideation for VR with Cordula Hansen – VR UX Designer

Cordula will introduce concepts specific for design and ideation for VR including:

UX for VR/AR – principles and methods
● Spatial design
● Passive or interactive experience – how to decide?

VR-specific UX considerations
● Hardware and ergonomics
● Content and narrative
● Motion and locomotion

UX Design process – parallels and differences to creative/film processes
● User research, stakeholders and personas
● Storyboarding and narrative design

Prototyping for and in VR – tools and methods
● Levels of fidelity – saving time and resources
● Deciding on suitable tools

Your ideas: Where to start, what to consider.

Session is 1.5 hrs with an additional 30 mins at the end for Q&A

Workshop #3 – Introduction to Creation tools for VR with Ciara del Grosso Bates

Ciara will bring participants through a wide variety of creative tools for VR:

Platforms and Tools
● Overview of game engines Unity / Unreal
● No-code platforms like Altspace, Engage.
● Types of experience and interactivity from video (passive) to gaze interaction, to hand tracking (show samples of each)
● Clear priorities to dictate the platform (multi-user, live, multimedia content)
● Complementary tools – eg Quill / Tiltbrush / sketchfab / webvr
● Using plugins
● Table of different platform limitations: What can you currently do in VR, and which
platforms support it (hand tracking? Multi-user? Avatars? etc)

● Live rendering/ pre rendering
● Visual effects and lighting – different limitations depending on platform.
● Optimisation and testing from the start

Live work
● Hardware
● Connectivity – does it need to be online?

Case studies
● World Building in Altspace – Carlow Arts
● DLL – mobile VR app (gaze triggers) / marketing videos

Session is 1.5 hrs with an additional 30 mins at the end for Q&A

Learning Outcomes:

This is a series of 3 workshops introducing the participant to the world of virtual reality and the process and considerations of producing content for Virtual Reality.

Primarily relevant for professional creatives (i.e; Film/Theatre/Arts professionals) with varying roles (Production/ Project Managing, Design, Development)
No prior knowledge of immersive storytelling or technologies required
No hardware required.

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