Green 'Future Edge' Text on white for Immersive Technologies SkillnetFacilitators: Beta Digital (Digital Transformation Strand Only)

Dates: From November 2022

Duration: 6 Months (approx. 1 day per month)

Venue: Remote and Face 2 Face

The Immersive Technology, Screen and Animation industries are experiencing exciting and challenging waves of change that will drive expansion and growth during this decade. With any change comes both opportunity and threat. These changes will require the company leaders to define strategies and make important choices as to how they address and capitalise on the opportunities while mitigating threats. 

These waves of change are driven and fuelled by the capabilities of the modern digital world, which will accelerate as the use of smart systems and immersive technology continues to move beyond the worlds of gaming and education into mainstream industries. We recognise that business leaders will be challenged by change and require assistance to develop their own organisation’s capabilities to create, develop, sell and manage innovative products and services.

The changes required while leveraging digital technologies will also require transformation of people and organisation, data analytics and processes to assure success. A holistic approach to digital innovation and transformation must be both structured and adaptable to the company and the environment. This programme offers an approach that enables business leaders and managers to create a plan, specific to their industry and organisation, that defines and prioritises their change initiatives into a cohesive plan. A tailored programme for the immersive, screen and animation sectors that will engage company leaders, transferring knowledge and experience of Digital Innovation and Transformation. 

The outcome for participating companies will be increased capability and confidence and a defined plan for Digital Innovation/Transformation.


The first step is to engage the business lead/participants in understanding the need and drivers of Digital transformation.

  • Workshop 1: Digitalisation & Digital Technologies Impact on the Business World
    Creating an understanding of the context and trends, disruptive drivers and the strategic themes shaping the environment for and necessity for Digital Transformation. Describing how initiatives fail and how success requires a structured, holistic approach. 
  • Workshop 2 –Digital Customer Experience
    Describing the importance of Customer Experience, Data & Analytics and Modern Design for successfully adapting to a digital world. Understanding how Customer Experience is key to success and achieving strategic goals. Defining the effective use and governance of data and analytics to add value in business.


With a fundamental understanding in place, workshops 3 and 4 will bring the participants through the process of what is required to successfully define, design and deliver their digital transformation strategy and plan. Each step is approached with agility so that each business has their needs met. 

  • Workshop 3 – Methods and Skills for Successful Digital Transformation
    Defining the importance of business leadership and the competencies required for success. Describing the complexities of managing transformation and the importance of change management as a discipline alongside project/programme management.
  • Workshop 4 –Designing and Delivering Digital Transformation
    Describing a 6-step approach required for planning and executing structured Digital Transformation to assure success. Explaining the steps required to assure transformation meets the organisation’s needs (strategic alignment) and is effectively prioritised. Assuring the success of the transformation plan by the driving business outcomes identified and committed to in a business case


The final step in the process is to support the development of a relevant and actionable plan for delivery. This step brings together all the previous workshop learnings in Steps to form the foundation of the businesses’ transformation strategy and plan. A 6-Step digital transformation framework is used to work through the planning during this session. 

  • Workshop 5 –Creating a Digital Transformation Plan
    Using the structured approach from Workshop 4 to create a Digital Transformation Plan for each organisation. A mix of group and individual business breakouts, guided by experts to analyse, prioritise and draft a high-level plan to refine within each participant’s organisation. Forming the basis and foundation for the follow-on mentoring and coaching to refine and finalise planning.
  • 5 x 1 Hour, 1-2-1 Mentoring Sessions: Per Business 

All 10 businesses will be provided with 5, 1 hour, 1-2-1 mentoring sessions focused on addressing their particular business, challenges and digital transformation plan to ensure its tangible completion in preparation for implementation.

Above is the core curriculum. This will be complemented by additional sector specific content devised in dialogue with the selected participants. 

Beta Digital is a specialist digital transformation advisory firm, enabling businesses successfully adapt to compete in today’s digital world.

Photo Louise O'Conor for Imemrsive Technologies Skillnet

Louise O’Conor is a founding partner of Beta Digital. Louise is a strategic and innovative business advisor with over 20 years international experience transforming and scaling businesses (Start Ups, SMEs, Corporates) across multiple markets and industries.  Her key areas of expertise include: Business strategy, digital, innovation, transformation, growth, change management, business models, technologies, marketing, commercialisation, operations, customer/ user experience, positioning, data, leadership and execution.

Photo Paul Doyle for Immersive Technologies Skillnet

Paul Doyle is an experienced senior manager, non-Executive Director and start-up advisor with a track record in value creation, delivering improved cost and revenue profiles through strategic transformation. He has led cross-functional digital transformations including marketing, sales, service, finance, operations, robotics introduction and data analytics.  Paul’s senior management career is defined by his success leading strategic and organisational change. He is an advocate of business agility who successfully bridges the gap between technology capabilities and business benefit realisation.

Photo Jonathan Dempsey for Immersive Technologies SKillnet

Jonathan Dempsey  is an immersive technology and EdTech industry expert, who will assure the specific relevancy and successful delivery of this initiative for participating companies. Jonathan has carried out consultancy and training engagements (including with Enterprise Ireland), working with many start-ups and corporate clients and he recently co-authored the Immersive Technologies Industry Insights Report in association with Eirmersive for Skillnets, engaging with 45 immersive technologies stakeholders gaining a deep insight into the sector and its challenges. Jonathan is an active angel investor, giving added understanding or what makes companies investor ready. 

For further information, please email manager@immersivetechnologiesskillnet.ie

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  • Digital Transformation Strand
    4th November 2022 - 31st March 2023
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm