09.22 Strategic Leadership Series

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Strategic Leadership-(Part 1)
Strategic Leadership-(Part 2)
Conflict Resolution-(Part 3)

The Leadership Series of Workshops
Facilitated By: Adaptas Training Ltd.
Cost: €125 pp per workshop or €330 pp for the series.
Max: 15 participants per workshop
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Strategic leadership is a leader’s ability to visualize, plan, lead, and make the best out of the resources they have to execute strategies efficiently and successfully.

Strategic leaders marry their strategic plan to their strategic management.

In the creative sector, you’ve got the ‘visualize’ covered! Do you need a little help with the rest?
If so, this series of workshops will help you navigate and understand the other pillars of strategic leadership.

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Date: Tuesday September 13th
Time: 10am – 1pm) 3Hrs
Venue: Remote
Cost: €125 pp

When it comes to the topic of strategic leadership, many leaders recognise that they need to get better at it. Many of us have a natural propensity towards some elements of strategic leadership but not all elements come easy.

In this workshop we support you to:

  • Understand the difference between STRATEGIC THINKING and PLANNING.
  • Examine your STRENGTHS as a strategic leader.
  • PRACTICE strategic thinking tools and strategic planning TOOLS that you can APPLY immediately in your role.

Date: Tuesday 20th September
Time: 10am – 1pm (3 Hrs)
Venue: Remote
Cost: €125pp

There are many different styles of leadership. It is important to understand the different styles that impact on your approach to strategic leadership.

In this workshop you will begin to:

  • Understand STYLES OF LEADERSHIP and where you spend most of your time as a leader.
  • Explore how you can FLEX your style to become more STRATEGIC while balancing how you lead others.
  • Examine ways to STRUCTURE your COMMUNICATION with others to create space for strategic thinking and planning.

Date: Tuesday 27th September
Time: 10am – 1pm (3Hrs)
Venue: Remote
Cost: €125pp

Conflict resolution is a prevention and handling strategy, often difficult to master. It entails resolving conflict by understanding why the conflict exists in the first place.

In this workshop you will:

  • Examine the NEUROSCIENCE and PSYCHOLOGY of CONFLICT to support you in managing yourself and others in challenging conversations.
  • Understand the natural PREDISPOSITIONS in our individual approaches and reactions to conflict.
  • Raise awareness and understanding of CONFLICT PATTERNS and UNCONSCIOUS HABITS that lead to friction in our communication.

Practice skills to DIFFUSE negative conflict and have SUCCESSFUL CHALLENGING CONVERSATIONS.

Cost: €125 pp per workshop or €330 pp for the series.
Max: 15 participants per workshop
Register below by choosing Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 or Series (All)


If you wish to register more than one participant and would prefer to pay via Invoice, please contact me at manager@immersivetechnologiesskillnet.ie with a subject heading of:

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IMPORTANT: All Immersive Technologies Skillnet training is subsidised. Participation is permitted for  Republic of Ireland-based  Employees/SMEs/Freelance, Sole Traders and Enterprise only.

Companies, sole traders/freelancers residing outside of the ROI do not qualify. 

Immersive Technologies Skillnet Dr. Celine Mullins in white coatDr. Celine Mullins has over 15 years’ experience as a Psychologist, Coach and Learning Consultant working across Multinationals, SME’s, Governmental and Educational agencies. Celine works with leaders to support them to develop their own self-awareness, to lead themselves and others more effectively, and therefore to create successful teams and cultures.

Celine obtained her BA (Hons) in Psychology at University College Dublin and her Ph.D at Trinity College Dublin. She also has a range of qualifications in Training and Development, Statistics, Personal and Executive Coaching, Neuroscience of Change, Leadership Dignity, Emotional Intelligence and Transpersonal Leadership Coaching.

Celine speaks at a range of conferences, webinars and podcasts and regularly facilitates learning amongst various coaching communities. In recent years Celine has gathered her learnings as a psychologist and coach working with individuals, teams and organisations and published a series of books with Oak Tree Press. These practical books entitled ‘Our Learning Brain’ and ‘Developing Learning Habits’ support people to embed learning and habit change in their professional and personal lives. Celine’s focus is always on providing practical advice, tools, and techniques that can be put into practice immediately.

What People Say about Celine:

“This experience has been beyond my expectations. The sessions have and continue to be extremely valuable to me.”
Paul Nagle, Manager, CRU

“Celine is excellent at what she does with individuals and teams. I have made huge progress and I would highly recommend her for anyone.”
Anil Mohinani, CEO, Somotex

“Celine’s work is very meaningful and has had a massive impact on me personally and professionally. Thank you Celine Mullins for challenging me in areas that I didn’t want to be challenged in”
David Quaid, Senior Manager, Medical Technology

“The impact on both my professional and personal life has been phenomenal, working with Celine. I would have no hesitation in recommending Celine to anybody who wants to develop themselves.”
Joseph Ryan, Senior Manager, Investment Management

Annika McGivern is a Performance, Sport and Exercise Psychologist. Her passion for performance psychology was born from her own experience as an athlete in the world of high-performance equestrian sport, where she subsequently gained over ten years professional coaching experience.

Her years competing and coaching in high-stakes environments challenged her to develop excellent communication skills and a passion for understanding the psychological factors that drive people towards, or away, from success. Combining this experience with a BA (Hons) of Psychology from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada, and a MSc of Sport and Exercise Psychology from Ulster University in Belfast, Annika now works in across the sport, fitness and business sectors in Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Her approach focuses on developing the skills needed by individuals and teams to excel under pressure in the areas that matter most, bringing insights about the tangible skills we need to perform, lead, and communicate effectively from a sport context and successfully applying them to a business context.

Annika is passionate about teaching effective and empathetic communication, alongside learning and habit change skills, in all her work, as she believes these two areas are essential to the successful implementation of mental skills. Annika has been a guest lecturer in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching on the UCC Masters in Personal and Management Coaching programme with Dr. Celine Mullins. She is firm believer in promoting well-being through sport and business and has conducted research on current mental health challenges in equestrian sport.

What People Say about Annika:

“We engaged with Adaptas to develop a time management skills programme for our staff and the feedback has been hugely positive, for both the generous content and the interactive delivery methods which ensured maximum discussion and participation from attendees. Participants have reported receiving countless, and immediately usable, practical tips and hacks from Annika to start taking action towards a long-term change approach to enhanced time management. The science of procrastination was also introduced to participants, working through real life examples along with ways of tackling it and how to identify key triggers to help change their course of action. These insights have proved so beneficial for our employees. The facilitators at Adaptas always know how to invigorate a group with the expert knowledge and passion they bring to their training programmes”
Charlotte Callaghan, People Program Manager, Video Game Industry

“We have been working closely with Annika over the past year as she continues her journey on helping people identify and overcome the mental blocks that are preventing them from achieving their goals. Annika was a key speaker for our in-house seminar and online webinar series, where she had endless amounts of questions from the audience, who were so eager and keen to learn from her. Her strategies and approaches to wellbeing through sport and fitness aim to help enhance not only performance, but quality of life too. Annika is a wealth of knowledge and we are delighted to be associated with her at BLK BOX.”
Catherine McLaughlin–Marketing Manager, BLK BOX

“Thank you from all of us at StoryToys. It’s been a great learning experience. Your knowledge on the subject and reading materials were insightful. And positivity was great for Monday morning workshops! 🙂 Most importantly the programme opened up a platform for us to discuss freely about challenges we face and possibly share our coping mechanisms and experiences in the future with the group. Thanks again.”
Aishwarya O’Neill, Office Manager, Touch Press Media/StoryToys

Photo of Jeniifer O'Dea, Adaptas Training for Immersive Technologies SkillnetJennifer O’Dea is an Executive Coach and Corporate Role Player. She has coached both individuals and teams, face to face and in the virtual space. She works in partnership with people, in a confidential and individual context, to deepen their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, enhance their leadership skills, manage difficult conversations, and generally improve their personal impact in their organisation.

As a Corporate Role Player, Jennifer has many years of experience across multiple industries enhancing executive learning in an experiential way. Jennifer has had particular success using a fusion of coaching and role play which allows the coachee and participants to practise interacting with another person and get immediate feedback on their impact. Using specific coaching tools, the coachee and participants can understand how to be more effective and thus achieve their goals. She also gives webinars, as CPD, around how to manage difficult conversations both at work and at home.

She is familiar with all the major psychometric profiles systems (such as MBTI, Insights, DISC, SDI etc.) and encourages her clients to make best use of these to maximise their influencing skills.

What People Say about Jennifer:

“Jennifer has worked with my company, Transformative, on a number of occasions, running and facilitating training sessions and team building events for our major clients. Jennifer is a consummate professional who takes time to prepare thoroughly and to understand the objectives of every project. Jennifer is always an absolute pleasure to work with. She is positive, energetic and full of ideas to help improve the client’s experience. Jennifer’s training and coaching capabilities are exceptional. She has the rare ability to marry a commanding presence with kindness, patience and humour, a unique mix of qualities that helps make everybody’s experience positive and enjoyable. I recommend Jennifer unreservedly.”
Tim France; CEO, Transformative.

“I would highly recommend Jennifer as both a trainer and coach. I have greatly benefited from the sessions that I have attended with her. She has improved my presenting skills, my interpersonal skills and my all round confidence in dealing with others in a corporate setting. I use the practical tools that she taught me on a daily basis in preparing for meetings and presentations. Jennifer’s sessions are enjoyable and insightful and I have really developed as a result.”
Mark Doyle; Manager, Fidelity International

“I worked with Jennifer as an actor/coach in some scenario practices which was part of L&D Consulting Skills programme with IITD. She quickly identified what I needed to improve on and gave feedback and guidance that had an immediate impact. She was very easy to work with and made the whole experience very valuable. I will be investing in more coaching from Jennifer in the future.”
Annemarie McAuley; Global Director, L&D, Indeed.com


  • Strategic Leadership Series
    13th September 2022 - 27th September 2022
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm