05.22 Pro Filming With Smartphones For Marketing

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05.22 Pro Filming With Smartphones For Marketing

Facilitator: Robert Fitzhugh (Film Smart Productions)
Dates: May/June (Exact Dates TBC) – Please Fill Out The Expression of Interest Form Below
Duration: 1 x Day Week for 5 Weeks
Venue: Remote & On Site (TBA)
Cost: €270 pp (Normally €395)
Max Trainees: 12

Creating good content has never been easier….or more necessary in order to be heard above the noise!

Demand for video content is rising with 72% of consumers preferring to learn about products or services through video. The explosion of AR has added an extra dimension to this. 61% of shoppers now prefer retailers that offer an AR experience. The combination of the two of these means a number of SMEs are currently not equipped to service their customers’ online needs.

To remedy this, we are offering the following bespoke training, introducing  businesses to the basic tools for creating engaging content – right on your Smartphone!

Using your phone, you can plan, shoot, edit and market your video in the palm of your hand.

Over a 5 week period you will learn how to:

  • breakdown creative storytelling for business.
  • understand your audience, creating targeted content with viewers in mind.
  • use available equipment , capture good audio indoors and outdoors and how to use professional (apps) to shoot high quality video.
  • edit videos on your mobile phone using software (apps), learning how to create a standardized structure for videos including branding and logos.
  • incorporate AR technology apps like Volu, Giphy World, Augment and Roar.
  • understand SEO best practices, formats and lengths for social media distribution.

To advance the participant’s skillset in creating professional high quality video content using the tools they have at their disposal to:

  • create engaging content for social media
  • shoot onsite interviews for behind-the-scenes videos capturing customer testimonials
  • create professional product or service videos
  • document community events and interactions

Course Outline:

  • Week 1 Duration 1 x Day (Remote)
    Introduction to video and developing a creative video mindset
    Offline Exercise
  • Week 2 Duration 1 x Day (Remote)
    Building Blocks of professional video
    Class Challenge
    Offline Exercise
  • Week 3 Duration 1 x Day (On Site, Venue TBD) – available as downloadable content for those unable to attend in person)
    Capturing the Content & Telling the Story
    Offline Exercise
  • Week 4 Duration 1 x Day (Remote)
    Postproduction / Editing
    Individual Breakout Rooms
  • Week 5 Duration 1 x Day (Remote)
    Marketing assets and sharing your videos
    Group Challenge
    Presentations & Reflection
    Q & A

Additional Tutoring:
Trainees will be able to avail of one-on-one mentoring throughout the course outside of class hours using direct video messaging VIDEO ASK. Trainees will receive a personal folder containing e-books and video tutorials after each session.

Learning Outcomes:
Trainees will have the ability to be able to:

  • Storyboard and plan a video
  • Understand the suitable video formats depending on the platform they are sharing Operate and film using basic equipment
  • Lock exposure and focus on their phones Connect a microphone to record
  • How to get the best lighting for their video’s
  • How to incorporate AR technology into their marketing content How to make the best of their environment for filming
  • How to edit their video (combine clips, cut clips, add a logo and music)
  • How to effectively upload the best quality videos to social media

Trainees are required to have their own smart phones to take part in the training (Apple or Android
however, iPhone is preferable).
Apps: VN (Free), Volu (IOS Only), Augment (IOS & Android)

This course  is tailored to help people view video as a beneficial and effective way to talk about their business, to confidently create video content and effectively incorporate immersive elements into their video marketing.

Geared to any Sole Trader/ Freelancer or SME who would like to take control of marketing their own business and create an actionable day to day roadmap to help promote their product or service online.

Trainees must be motivated  to create effective video content and to understand where and when to utilize video has part of their business’s marketing plan.

Trainees will get an understanding of future trends in video marketing and how to incorporate these elements.

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Immersive Technologies Skillnet Picture of Robert Fitzhugh on stage

With more than 10 years in the business and Arts Industries, Robert as straddled the line between creativity and commerce his entire career with a focus on mobile phones. He believes that mobile phones and accessible technology allows business owners to ‘be the voice of their own business’ and works and advises  clients on the best approaches to creating their own video content.

Please Fill Out The Expression of Interest Form Here

IMPORTANT: Places are open to Republic of Ireland based participants only. Companies, sole traders/freelancers outside of the ROI do not qualify. 

Participants must adhere to all COVID guidelines when on site. Measures that will be in place may include:

  • Participants will be required to sign a ‘declaration of health’ form prior to being admitted to the studio for the ‘in person’ session’.
  • Antigen tests may be administered before entering the studio.
  • You are asked to remain at home if you have symptoms including: runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, diarrhea, sore throat, flu-like aches and pains, loss of taste/smell or have a temperature.
  • Masks may be worn but are not mandatory as of the date of publishing this event.
  • Use hand sanitiser regularly.

While every effort will be made to mitigate virus exposure – it is the responsibility of applicants to adhere to COVID Guidelines and participation is at your own risk.

For further information, please email manager@immersivetechnologiesskillnet.ie

For any technical issues when applying on the website please contact admin@immersivetechnologiesskillnet.ie


  • Pro Filming on Smartphones For Marketing
    24th May 2022 - 21st June 2022
    9:15 am - 4:30 pm